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Frequently Asked Questions

Why recruit us?

1- Our company benefits from a wealth of experience, not only in the financial field but most importantly in entrepreneurship. We deliver excellent work no matter how difficult the business immigration case may be.

2- Our company has firsthand experience with business visas, as Jean-David Cohen, the founder, has gone through the E2 visa process himself. We take your business plan seriously because the stakes are high and we understand that a business visa applicant can the lose money they have invested if their application were to be rejected by US immigration authorities.

3- Our company provides services that guide our clients through each step of the business plan side for the visa application process, including cases where US immigration asks a series of questions to assess the legitimacy of the client’s business.

4- Our company’s team completes the business plans efficiently and professionally with their wealth of experience in the field. Each business plan is customized to the client’s specifications, without the use of any automated format.  


Are you lawyers or financial advisors?
We are neither lawyers nor financial advisors. Therefore, we do not guarantee the attainment of a visa. All that we can ensure is the delivery of an impeccably written and professional business plan that is customized to your specifications.

What are your fees?
The fees are dependent upon the nature of the business visa our client is applying for. Our fees are priced competitively when taking our expertise, real world experience, high level of professionalism, and quality of work into consideration.

What is our success rate?
We pride ourselves on having a 95% success rate for all the visas and 98% success rate on E2 visas. As previously mentioned, we can only assure the delivery of a high quality business plan but not the attainment of a visa.

What is the process?
1) Upon being hired, via contract and payment (50% of the fee will be collected upfront), we schedule an initial meeting (in person or over the phone) to get to know you and learn about your business history and goals. The objective is to attain a complete overview of all business aspects.
2) Our team proceeds with the collected information to begin writing the business plan and developing the financial model.
3) We will need to set-up a second meeting to refine the specific details of the business and validate the assumptions underlying the financial model.
4) After 2 weeks, the business plan is emailed to you and/or your attorney so that any changes can be requested. The other half of the payment is due at this stage.
5) We will make the requested adjustments until the document is complete and presentable

How long does it take?
Completion time for the business plans depend on the service chosen. We offer both express and regular services. The plans can take anywhere from 48 hours to a maximum of two weeks to complete, but our quick turnaround times never sacrifice the quality of the business plans.

Can I make amendments to the business plan?
Yes, you may request any amendments to your business plan once we have handed over your completed digital copy.


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